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Masterpieces in Steam Bent Wood

Originally designed in 1979, Fritz Hansen is proud to introduce the PK15 chair by Poul Kjærholm as a new addition to The Kjærholm Collection. Master craftsmanship and sculptural expression capture the essence of steam bent wood in what was to be the Danish architect and furniture designer’s last chair.

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8 Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

After a long summer, you may be happy to put the weeding and pruning behind you, but your work isn’t quite finished yet! If you want to have a successful garden next summer, it’s important to prepare it for winter. It’s crucial to put your garden to bed before the cold weather hits. Plus, it gives you an excuse to get outside and enjoy the late autumn breeze before the cold weather hits.

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40 Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Raised garden beds are a great idea for most gardens. They offer many benefits compared to planting a traditional garden in the ground. Raised garden beds are a great idea for those that have back problems or for keeping out pesky critters. The one disadvantage to a raised garden bed is that you have to actually build one before you can get started with planting.

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Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2023

Adding a backyard swimming pool is one of the best ways to create a tropical sanctuary in your home. Whether you love to sunbathe or enjoy swimming laps, planning a pool design that fits your needs is the first step. A swimming pool is a significant investment, so you’ll want to know the latest trends before you start planning.

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Modern Fireplace Ideas

As the temperatures drop and the nights grow longer, there’s nothing quite like the cozy warmth of a fireplace to make a home feel inviting and comfortable. But just because fireplaces have been a home staple for centuries doesn’t mean they must be outdated. In fact, modern fireplace ideas are taking the design world by storm, offering sleek, stylish, and innovative options for any home.

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20+ Stair Railing Ideas That Just Work

Stair railings serve both functional and decorative purposes in a home. They provide safety and support when climbing up and down the stairs while also adding a touch of style to the overall design of the space. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect stair railing for your home.

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10 Ways To Update Your Porch

Spring is the right time to revamp your front porch and add freshness, but you don’t need to waste much money to improve it. This post shares spring porch ideas and inspirations with our professional decor tips! With a few simple finishing touches, your porch will be spring ready in no time.

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